Saturday, July 10, 2010

'ere we go...

This is going to be my go at a 40k blog. I'll post tactics, failures of those tactics, works in progress, painting ideas/techniques, completed models, etc etc. Primarily this will be for my Eldar army since right now it is what I'm playing and working on most. My Tyranids will likely make an appearance or two since I work on those from time to time, having only tidbits to go until that army is finsished. I don't know if I will ever complete this army, it's pretty large, and mostly painted as it is, but this blog will follow it through to whatever form the end takes.
Why the title? I thought about what to title the blog. I had originally worked with 'creation' as a title, but I figured the craftworld is already there. I'm not creating it, I'm just exploring it with Elorrah Stormbringer as my guide. Why Iybraesil? This one was tough. I wanted a bit more obscure of a craftworld for my Eldar. I nearly went with Saim Hann since I wanted a mobile list, but all of my attempts at painting reds have wound up disasterous at best. I was torn then. Altansar was appealing because of the fluff, but I figured everyone would be after them, and there's that red again. Yme-Loc was also very close to my "nobody walks" concept with their mechanized fluff. Il-Kaithe was the closest contender, but I had just painted a blood bowl team in those same "Mardi Gras" colors and it wasn't so appealing. I think in the end Elorrah herself tipped the balance. As soon as I saw the option of a Farseer on a bike I knew almost exactly what I wanted. I had an old female guardian figure that I adored, and with Iybraesil being matriarchal it just fit well. And no red.

I'm going to also tweak the blog as I go, as I've never used blogger before. I hope to have it pretty in the next couple of months.
Welcome to the craftworld of Iybraesil, I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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