Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eldar - Family portrait

Just a quick post with the thusfar painted Iybraesil Eldar I have. Some of it still needs a little tweaking or detail work and everyone needs basing yet. Fairly sure I have the theme I want figured out. I'm a little hesitant to base the jetbike bases though. I like that they are clear and show the terrain that they are on, but I know that will count against me in the painting area of a tournament. I wanted to base them on a water themed battle board, but then they wouldn't match any table at all, save my own.
My concept for the army was that no one walks. The Wraithlord is the only exception but that was a really excellent trade I couldn't pass up. I painted the Jetbike Guardians in a way that allows me to divide them into 3 squads of 4 or 2 of 6, I'm still working on converting the 3rd warlock for that. This will also mean that I can make a Jetbike seer council. In keeping with the matriarchal theme of Iybraesil, I'm working on a 2nd squad of Banshees (and accompanying wave serpent). Also in the works is a Harlequin squad. I think I've finally figured out the scheme I want to paint them in. I just wound up with a squad of Fire Dragons too. They'll have to fight with the Harleys for the third Falcon. I do own a box of regular guardians, but until I get another wave serpent they'll stay right there. Not having them slow me down with their silly walking about behaviour. The only other purchase I am planning for this army right now is a Nightwing. It's such a pretty thing, and so far no one in our group has brought a flyer to our Apoc games. Instant air superiority. :D

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