Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lazy Saturday and Highlights of the game.

So I did virtually nothing on the Eldar today. I'm a horrible person. (no i'm not) I think something about them being all packed away and not on my sewing desk where they can stare and taunt me just made me a bit oblivious to them. Besides my goal was to have them fixed up before the game at Da Machines place. There was also a tournement today at the nice big game store in Atlanta, and I'd have loved to gone, but two trips in as many days as well as my lack of funds dissuaded me. It's a shame too, as this new job is going to have me working Saturdays.

So I did promise a battle report. We did 2000 points, and used one of the Adepticon missions chosen at random. I was expecting Chaos Marines, but Da Machine pulled out his Daemons. Either way I was looking at a tough fight. I won initative but gave it to him as he was deepstriking in with everything. Primary Objective was table quarters, Secondary Kill points, Tertiary highest cost unit.

The first wave came in and milled about since they had no targets. 2nd round more showed up and looked confused then on my turn all my jetbikes and the Dire Avengers showed up, but no Falcons or Wraithguard. Most of his plaguebearers came in on the left flank, so I kept everything on my right flank and just focused on holding those two corners. It was a tough fight, especially when the Soul Grinder showed up. I got lucky by taking out the two daemon princes early. The great unclean one was on the left flank, nearly to my table edge when a Falcon arrived and shot down that left side. Close enough to draw some of his units attention and have them move towards it, but the next turn it was 24" away and they turned around, but it did it's job. Being full of Rangers as well, I now contested that corner. I tried a new tactic, screening Shining Spears with Guardians, since people tend to charge them first. I think it worked pretty well. Their downfall came from the Soulgrinder and from a terrible 5" hit and run, then followed by some rather vicious Nurglings finishing off the remaining two spears. The guardians avenged them and held that quarter, but it was contested by spawn that the Wraithlord was having trouble getting rid of. The dire avengers cleaned up some plague bearers in the far right corner and the rangers contested the far left. My other falcon finished off a straggling fury leaving the near left quarter unclaimed. This makes up for his failed ram into the rear of the soulgrinder. It was truly a sad moment. Let no one say that Eldritch Storm is a bad power. I love it for this reason. Elorrah even got in there after the Falcon left and finished the 'grinder off!! My Wraithguard survived, but not before being cut in half by nurgly vomit and then failing a wraithsight check. T6 prevailed and kept me from losing points there. Final result; I had one quarter, and one more kill point for the victory!!

Highlights; A. the table. truly a beerhammer table!
B. Epidemus and the gang burrowed into a ruin like a tick. Rangers, a Wave serpent and Falcon couldn't dislodge them. I think I killed one.
C. the Soulgrinder. Devestating to my guys, My farseer hurled a well aimed Eldritch storm into it, and the other falcon immobilized it with a pulse laser to the back. Then it was finished off by the same farseer. Go Elorrah!!

D. the Nurgling infested swamp. He took very few nurglings, but they were enough to chase down a slow 'hit and run' and finish off the Shining Spears.

E. Da Machine's painting. Wow. fantastic stuff. His CSM are looking particularly gorgeous, even for Nurgle.

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