Friday, October 8, 2010

Back in the groove!

I've been like a madwoman this week with the hobbying. I started with the bugs. I've gotten everyone primed with the exception of the Doom. I still need to work on his brain a bit. But everyone else is ready to paint. I even got some of the walking warriors primed that needed it, and a couple that needed their talons painted are now in the 'finished' area of my workspace. I'm looking at 3 left that need eyes, some greenstuff for a barbed strangler 'sac', and one warrior that's just primed. I even have the Parasite halfway finished.

Then I got the call. I (and roommate) applied for an apartment nearer to Atlanta and we got it. So the next month and a half will be filled with packing, moving, unpacking, all intermingled with training and work, and of course, some gaming. Cause I gotta get as much gaming with the boys here in as I can before I go. I'll be able to come visit, being only an hour away, but probably not every week, as I have been.

So came the talk of the EPIC final game (which seems to be a theme around here) and Noah suggested an Apocalypse game, with his and my Eldar joining forces. I did of course agree wholeheartedly. We both had been sitting at a point or few over 3000 with our armies, but some painting and trading had gone by and we both retallied. He was at 4000 and I, with what is painted (excluding my Eldrad since Noah has one) and on the table at the moment have just shy of 5000! So off I toddle to the local boards and throw down the gauntlet. 9000 points of Eldar vs whatever a coalition of challengers can bring. No responses yet except the veiled fear. ;)

So obviously this (and my recent commission) put me in an Eldar mood. I've already gotten half my harlequins going. This is a big deal since I hadn't figured out a color scheme yet. Fire dragons based, but I'm not counting on finishing them. I painted my Maugan Ra in 30 minutes, and I have Asurmen nearly done. Oh, and my Wraithlord two has been converted with magnetic pistol grip and 'pimp-slap' hands. More photos once he's painted (and less head-less).

I also built a light box, something I've needed to do for a while now. I've been very disappointed with my photo quality lately. Part of it of course is due to my camera, but money says I can't get a new one just yet. So yes, light box. It has it's own internal lighting, but I need some sort of diffuser still, but I think the above photo came out fairly well, all things considered.

I've also done some graphic work for a potential project I'm considering and I'm working on a new banner for this blog. Look for it soon!

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