Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The roll continues - Harlequins & Apocalypse

So I'm still rolling with the painting streak. I'm halfway through my harlequins, and as a break I hacked at and painted my old wraithlord. He's now got an interchangable hand and one of them has the 'kung fu' grip. I'm really liking the pose too, and maybe I'll get better photos of him soon.

So I completed Asurmen and (the previously shown) Maugan Ra. I took a bit more time on Asurmen than I did on Mauggy (30 minutes), and am pretty happy with the result. I'm not really thrilled about all the 'bulk' space between his loincloth and cape. I'm not sure what the official term for this is, but it's fairly annoying. It's always a challenging in how to deal with it, but in this case I just painted it black.

I've never played with Asurmen either, except for being on the recieving end of him, so I'm excited to have him coming to the big game this weekend. I'm not quite sure how to play him. Obviously he should be in with his DA squad, but I feel like that's wasting his potential since he's such a close combat monster being a Phoenix Lord and all. I guess his best use is soaking up hits for the DA squad (invulnerable and Eternal Warrior) and using him as a character assassin with the diresword. He's going to be in an aspect assault formation with Jain Zar, so I think he'll leave all the in-the-face killy stuff to her and just watch her back.

I swear. women have to do all the hard work sometimes...

This will also be my first game with Harlequins (assuming I actually finish painting them) and again I'm still a little unsure of how to use them, or maybe just uncomfortable with my lack of skill with them. I originally was going to put Jain Zar with them and have a Furious Charge party but it just makes more sense that she should be with her sister Banshees. And there was no room in the Harley's party falcon. Jain wasn't too thrilled about that. (I don't know if I'll ever be able to repair that friendship.)

I am, however following them in with Farseer Kessan Yoo'en (yes, I am so nerdy I name my characters) with Doom  to give them a better chance at getting that rending result. He's got his own falcon to ride in, cause yup, he's just that cool. He's also got guide, which will really help since his falcon is my heavy gunship - pulse laser, bright lance and shuriken cannon. I'm running the cloudstrike formation so that will be a pulse lance laser when he comes out of the clouds. sadly though, I won't be able to guide that shot since they start the turn off board.

None of my Eldar that I've shown in my blog are based, and I'm surprised I haven't gotten flak over it. There are two reasons for this (the lack of basing, not flak) 1. because I base all my figures at one time. 2. Because I hadn't quite figured out how I want them based. I have work in progress, a water themed board, and had origianlly planned that my force excelled at that sort of assault. I've made sure that every unit has a transport, except the rangers and wraithlords (obviously) but recent aquisitions my have changed that. I'll have to resort all my stuff now. I digress though, and now feel that because they are from Iybraesil and frequently are having to combat chaos in search for the crone worlds, they will be traversing planets and landscapes that is tainted. Well sometimes that stuff's just nasty and really, who want's to be walking on that?

Seriously, I just bought these shoes!

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