Friday, October 15, 2010

Harlequins - Finished!

As of right this moment, My harlequins are done. Well ok, the first squad. Through some good old fashioned mini trading (bet you thought I'd say horse), I wound up with a dozen harleys. I even traded some of the classic models away, but they were doubles or didn't have kisses. I'm only using 6 in the Apocalypse game, since that is all that will fit in a Falcon.

We can now add Shadowseer to the list of figures that I was intimidated by but now I'm not. Lucius, Fabius Bile and this one all worried me with the level of detail, but that's a thing of the past. I'm hoping that Huron isn't too tough, because he's another one that intimidates me (he's a scary guy) and is on my to do list. I've always had a thing for the Red Corsairs, and they'll be a project (and blog) for a later time.

So tactially, as I mentioned previously, I've got a farseer riding in another Falcon within the same cloudstrike formation. The idea is to come on board, wagons circling, firing pulse lasers with the Lance rule at the super heavy. Harleys will disembark if it's safe enough. Next round, my main falcon gets guided and there's a doom for anyone foolish enough to come near the formation. If they get doomed, the harlequins are there to mop them up. Fire dragons will be riding in another in case of survivable vehicles.

I've never fielded fire dragons before. Hell I only have one shade of orange. I found a pot of blazing orange in my 'empty' bin that had dried up long ago. I cleaned the pot out and mixed up something very close and have the first test dragon nearly complete. Should be a quick and easy paint. I'm not going for fancy or showboat, since I'll hardly ever run them. Yes I know they are good, but it's not my style. This is apocalypse, you have to pull out all the stops. Or most of them, I'm leaving my Eldrad at home.

So as for the Apocalypse game, I'm way ahead of schedule. I didn't expect to have the harlequins done so soon, and figured I'd be go go going with the fire dragons all morning Saturday (after a trip to the store to get the right shade of orange paint). So I've got all day today and I should be done with the fire dragons by days end. Then I just need to finish Autarch Treshaaran. There won't be much after that until I have a completed Eldar army.

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