Friday, October 15, 2010

We don't need no water...

Enter the frazzled frantic woman trying to get ready for her last big game with the local gang (at least while living in town). At my partner's behest, I included my fire dragon squad into our giant Eldar force taking over the tables tomorrow. I was worried that I would have to field unpainted troops. (*gasp*) Anyone who knows me (or reads this blog with regularity) will attest that I dislike this practice. (she means "abhore") I don't mind it if playtesting, and have even done it myself, but in a 'showdown' match like this weekend, I want to look my best.

Despite the terrible photo, which I took while running through a tunnel in the rain in my highest heels (not really, it's just a crap camera), I feel like these guys turned out pretty well! I painted all five of these TODAY. That's right. Granted I did have one model I'd done for a test the night before that had the first coat of orange (that I had to mix up) on. Having a work at home job is pretty nice sometimes, and not just cause I get to work in my PJs if I want. Though, that hasn't stopped me from carrying some paint and figs into work in my purse before...

So anyway, I wanted quick and easy, and pretty much succeeded (see note about mixing above). I slathered (and that IS a painting term) some Mechrite Red over my black base coat, then followed it up with 2 overbrush coats of my (not so) Blazing Orange. For the yellow parts, they got a touch of Iyanden Darksun first, then Bad Moon yellow. I then went in and re-did the undersuits in Demon Deep Red (the best named color ever) by Polly S. It's the same shade as Mechrite, but not a foundation, I didn't want a second heavy coat. Loincloths are in Snot or Goblin green with Dark Angel green wash and Scorpion green highlights. Dwarf Bronze picked out the detail work and boot/glove buckles. Then everyone got Scorpion green eyes for contrast, but I wasn't thinking too deeply about the Exarch. I may still go give him some blue eyes. Exarch got Blood red gems (and later 'ardcoated) and those who had sashes/favors got them painted Hawk Turquoise since they work with Iybraesil and Autarch Ry'anna demands it.

In other news, who's getting Ultramarines: The Movie? Me! that's who. I don't care about all the whining about the game demos being prettier. I figure that if sales are high enough on the DVD, they'll make another. If they aren't, well duh. This is our chance to vote. And besides, have you ever seen the movie that GW actually DID put out? Inquisitor was pretty crappy. Some german kids did one better but it got pulled. Probably because they outdid GW. If you check out the credits, Inquisitor's writer(?) and the GW legal rep were the same person if I remember correctly... I wonder if that's a coincidence.

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