Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harlequin Commission - Finished

These little guys were much easier to paint that I realized. Having a color scheme to go by probably helped me a great deal, and figuring out where to use what colors appealed to my puzzle loving nature. The first two (this one and in the previous post) are the ones I was handed and asked to replicate. I am not sure who painted them, they were picked up off Ebay I believe, so if you did them, not bad, and thank you for giving me something fairly simple to follow. And blue. I love painting blue.

This was a fun project, and has definitely inspired me to paint my own. It's also got me to thinking about how to use them with what I have available. I'm thinking of running them with Jain Zar. Don't get me wrong, Banshees are fun to run with Jain, but attatching her to harlequins with Veil of Tears just does something for me. With 24" max range, the only hardcore AP weapons that are going to hurt them are going to be either stationary, or tanks, and fairly easy to navigate around. Melta weapons, fine, but once you are in range, it's too late. I say this, because Jain has that 2+ armor save I can always drop the first and extra hits on.

I admit that it's not the most synergystic combo, but I like it. It screams (pun not intended) close combat killy-ness. Furious Charge, Rending, Power weapons. Initative 7+ on the charge. What's not to love? War shout still has a chance at making the enemy WS1, Jain can actually split off during movement on the turn they assault and allow for the harlequins to still use their hit and run ability. I'm not so sure how I feel about that last one, since it could potentially leave Jain out in the open.

I'm also considering putting them in a wave serpent in order to get them there quicker, and bringing a farseer along to doom and fortune for lots of fun with rerolls!

And in conclusion, everybody's dancing!


  1. Those look great Cami!

  2. I think your skills are improving. I like the composition. Nice work.