Friday, October 1, 2010

Harlequin Commission - (not so) quick update

Just a quickie update here cause I've been lazy from the standpoint of this blog, not so much at what I'm doing.

In the mail this week arrived some bits for my Shrikes, now they finally have heads!! A bit of paint and they'll make an appearance here. I'm really excited about my bonesword conversions.

Yesterday arrived a fun little pkg from Hoard o Bits on ebay (i LOVE that site) with my dire avenger pants and the new plastic ravener claws for my Parasite of Mortrex. The metal claws I was using were just too heavy for him and he kept toppling over. The shrikes are top heavy too since I used the old gargoyle wings on them. I may have to switch to larger flying bases or 40mm plastic ones since they're a bit larger than the small flying bases. I also wound up with a crapton of devourers that I cannot think of why I ordered them. I think I was going to put them on the shrikes originally, but wound up with enough scything talons to go around. It's fine though, I have some other projects I can use them for, like my shooty fex and i can put them on mycetic spores.

But I digressed from the very beginning. I had orignally intended this to be a progress report on a commission I took for one of the local gang. He asked me to paint his harlequins. Normally I'd have cringed and threw them back in his face. I've tried painting harleys here and there over the years and always failed miserably. Seeing as I have some of my own to do AND he had a sample with a very simple scheme that he wanted matched, I agreed. Especially because they were blue. I paint blue well. :D Here (or up there ^ ) is my first attempt. It's now been highlighted and touched up but I was excited about getting it done, and quickly as well. There's now a 2nd one with it and I'm feeling very good about them both. I need to try and tone the pants a bit lighter but I think they match fairly well. The white based one is the original.

I adore some of the older Harlequin models so I'm liking this project alot. Half of my own are the older ones so it's definitely a pre-cursor to my own project. I might jump back on the bugs to get them painted before doing my own Harlequins. It's a quick and easy color scheme, and I designed it to be so since there were SOOOO many genestealers and gaunts to paint. I'm so in an Eldar mood now because I've got a very interested idea with the harlequins I want to try out, but more on that later, and only after they are painted.

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