Friday, October 22, 2010

Battle Report - Eldar Apocalypse!

Well I'm slacking again. It's been nearly a week and I never posted a battle report. Obviously you, dear reader are slacking too, since you haven't hounded me about it! The game of all games and neither of us seem too concerned.

All things concerned we learned quite a bit about all sorts of things; units and rules we don't often play with and I think that was a very good thing for all of us.

The game was standard Apoc. 9000 pts of Imperial vs 9000 points Eldar. Troops only were scorers. Six objectives and 3 Apoc assets for each side, drawn at random.

Noah and I chose to go second by bidding 30 minutes for set up. We wanted the option to infiltrate if needed. The Marines scattered all over the board and left only 2 places to do so, one very wide open and the other behind a terrain blocking LoS. I put my 5 Pathfinders there in the hopes that it would draw off some attackers first round and/or they would ignore them, and then we could sprint for the objective later. Well little me didn't read the Marine codex well enough or I'd have known that the Whirlwind doesn't need LoS and has a missle that's the absolute bane of Pathfinders (ignores cover saves). The first round connected and wiped out the unit.The Banehammer that was there fired a earthquake round at the Waveserpent formation and while it didn't hurt it, BOTH our banshee WS's immobilized themselves on our first turn, the Dire Avenger WS later. The Cloudstrike Formation flew all the way across the board and landed in the opposite corner of the table. Next round it took out both lascannons (and a Hammer Blow Asset took out the main gun) on the Bane(Fell)hammer and immobilized a dreanought (that had spun to face!)and also dropped off harlequins. One of the Falcons was crippled with 5 DA inside, but the rest flew away having done damage and drawn off a portion of the forces. The harlequins managed to take out the Forgefather with the conversion beamer on bike that was harrassing our wraithlords and wave serpents, but then they were cut down by Banehammer heavy bolters. They paid for themselves well over, killing the techie and drawing Shrike, 2 rhinos and the Banehammer for 2 rounds.

Apoc Barrage took out my DA squad, but Asurmen walked out unscathed. He was a little unsure of what to do with no ride and being dead center of our forces. He later was in the process of destroying a Sanguinary squad when the game ended. Fuegan hopped out early and wound up engaging and immobilizing one of the two dreadnoughts that drop podded in our deployment zone first turn. He was punched to death tho thanks to blood talons. The other Dread stunned one of the Fire Prisms and killed 4/5ths of the Shining Spears in that turn.

We had 5 Wraithlords and I must say they were the stars of the game. One spun backwards and took out the Dread in the very back (that killed the Spears). Another took off after Dante and the gang that had dropped into a ruin 2nd turn and had killed my wraithguard squad and retreated back into cover. Two flamers and a wraithsword later and there were a lot of dead marines. Eldrad headed over and burst a lot of brains there. Another headed towards a Marine Landraider and the subsequent Terminators that emerged after the cloudstrikers made it a smoking ruin. One terminator and whatshisname from the salamanders remained after thunderhammering the wraithlord in the dirt. Striking Scorpions and Autarch finished them off. My last wraithlord (only one armed without a wraithsword) stood atop a landing pad providing support fire where needed.

(Wow there was a lot going on!!)

More thundernators and a Librarian emerged from their wrecked land raider right in front of my banshee wave serpent (now bunker) and assaulted and wiped out, the Dark Reapers in the neighboring building. Jain Zar led the banshees into the building and wiped back. Noah's Fire Dragons x 10 almost solely held the right flank vs 2 Dreads and a tac squad dug into a building. My Wild Rider Formation came in trying to distract a predator and LR on our right flank and wound up drawing 3 squads of jump troops who also blocked off their path to use the strategic redeployment. My vypers failed 3 rounds to blow up the predator even with rear shots. (again, the wraithlords came to the rescue). Jump troopers killed my guardians on bikes. Sanguinary guard got my Autarch (right before Asurmen got to them) and Though Elorrah put up quite a fight, a second squad of jumpers assaulted her and wiped her out (despite fortune). The Shining spear that had come to her rescue failed his morale and fled the board. This worked out okay because Maugan Ra and the Reapers had been bored nearly the whole game. They cut down a lot of marines but did finally get assaulted, but soon found out why Maugan Ra wears a skull. He's good at killing. Really good. Only one reaper died in that fight.

The Eldar team went home despondent on Sat night after 2 turns of Imperial hammering. Sunday afternoon started with turn three and the Cloudstrike formation taking their first Lance shots and was a definite upswing in morale. The game was pretty tense from there and wound up in a draw with each side holding one objective. The Imperial side claimed we should have won since Noah didn't flat out with his falcon holding the 5 Avengers and we ended the game 30 minutes earlier than planned. So we took the draw, but the Moral victory is ours!!

Eldar reign supreme!



  1. Hate I missed that battle. I ordered the Ultramarines movie today. Can't wait!

  2. Good lord, was the table big enough for all those models?

  3. We were on an 8' x 8' table. Was plenty of room! Granted the Eldar deployment zone was a bit snug since we got the smaller half.

  4. "One terminator and whatshisname from the salamanders remained after thunderhammering the wraithlord in the dirt. Striking Scorpions and Autarch finished them off."

    He'stan and a termie did indeed pound a wraithlord into the ground and move into the forest to contest an objective. They were assaulted by scorpions I believe(they all look alike to me) and the termie did fall but He'stan was still standing at the end.

    This is the point of the moral victory. He'stan fell short of contesting but Noah decided to take a normal move with the falcon and 5 avengers and fell short of claiming the objective. A lot was happening fast at that point so none of us were stratagizing at our best.

    I think the biggest mistake made in the game was by the Imperial side. We had a strategic redeployment that went unused. I believe it would have made a big difference in the game.