Monday, October 11, 2010

The Swarm - stopped.

So my killer bug list was killed. Blood Angels did me in, though I have to take a smidgen of the credit for the work.

I used my "Swarm of Personality" list, but with double boneswords on the shrikes and no frag spines on the 'fex.

Oppnent had Dante, Jump marines with him
Razorback double flamer with 5 assault marines, melta, power fist
The burninator Land Raider with 5 assault termies +
Librarian in termie armor
Storm raven with 6 sanguinary guard and an underslung
Two fisted Dreadnought.
Both jumpy marines had sanguinary priests.

Mission was Capture and Control with Pitched battle setup. BA set up and went first, I passed on stealing the initative.

Zoey unit deployed center field, everyone else reserved or outflanked. I seriously need to figure out how to get Hive Commander on the Great White. The Great White, 2nd genestealer squad didn't turn up until turn 3, the Doom didn't turn up until turn FIVE?!? Only because he had no other choice. By then, everyone got to shoot at him. Dante took him down in close combat, and the Terminators were waiting their turn.

The Great White left the entire army to handle the home objective and flew over to take out the 5 marines in the razorback on the opponent's objective. No sweat, the brainleech worms (oooh I love those) even made the marines run off board. No breaking any nails (or teeth) on that fight. He still took a scratch on the way in, but hey, it'll heal. He was halfway back across the board to clean up the mess DoM had left when the game ended.

The Zoeys took out the melta on the storm raven early game, but it dropped a dread on them, which pounded on them the rest of the game. Turn 5 finally saw him dirtnap the last Zoey and run off to find the fight.

DoM showed up so late it didn't really matter. My opponent is known for his 'bad dice rolling' and does seem to have some streaks of ill luck. The low rolls however came to his advantage when I dropped DoM in the midst of 3 squads. ONE terminator went down to his aura in my shooting and nothing in oppnents subsequent shooting phase. Dante and the land raider proceeded to pummel DoM to one wound, then Dante closed in and finished him off then took his lunch money.

The sanguinary guard, despite making a circuit around the board in their storm raven, being blown up by a genestealer diving through the engine ducts, losing a member of the squad to dangerous terrain while charging said stealers, managed to get to my objective on their last turn. DoM tried to stop them as they ran, but the Librarian psy hooded Cataclysm. *pout*

My big error was with the Carnifex. I had a choice between charging the terminators or the land raider on turn 3. I was hoping that DoM would drop in and say hi to the terminators and the 'fex would see what was inside the tank. When DoM didn't show, I somehow rationalized that I needed to take out the termies and charged them instead. I dunno why I chose to do this since I put him in there specifically to take out vehicles that the zoeys cannot get to. I guess I was hoping DoM would show up on turn 4 to stop it. Well it did not. and what did I get in return? BOTH stealer squads got flamed, leaving one squad at 2 members (sanguinary guard took them out) and the other squad still 17 strong, that was sitting atop my objective, waiting for someone to show up took 6 casualties, failed morale and left the board. This was a huge mistake on my part and my opponent took full advantage of me for it, as well he should.

I'll get a rematch, and am still considering dropping the boneswords for devourers as originally planned. My Parasite did nothing this game, since he was scared of Dante's ugly old face and 1 wound down from normal. Dante took HIS lunch money too early game, and furious charge made sure that that whole squad got beaten down before they could do anything. I think that a well placed drop into enemy territory could concievably run off a heavy weapon or holdout squad with the devourer's ability. The lack of boneswords would also ensure that the Parasite doesn't run out of Ripper incubation chambers (i.e. your belly) too quickly, as apparent in my other games, the first of which ensured that he got shot to pieces. I also think that dropping them could ensure I get to put Hive Commander on the Great White as well.

But that will be another day. Soon - Harlequin update!

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