Friday, December 3, 2010

The 40k Chat Project.

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little over ambitious here, but I've always enjoyed a more 'live' chat with other folks. Or at least direct contact. I don't know if you other 40kers like it too, but this little nerd girl has a vision. That vision is uniting the universe! And I don't even want to rule it! (But I will remain a princess!)

I'd like a place for 40k folks to chat real time, or near enough to it. I've looked and looked and haven't found anything that's not localized and maybe I'll just become one of those too, but chatango(.com) looks promising. It allows for multiple users to link to the same chat via HTML. It also doesn't slow down the blog to a crawl like a couple others I tried. This means we could all have the same chat link on our blogs. :) I personally really like this idea.

Would anyone else be interested in this project? I've already tapped this one. Originally I had intended it for use as such, but realize it's a bit arrogant for me to name it 'Iybraesil' for the use of all the comunnity. I'll be keeping it of course, but would like to replace it on my blog with something more universal for all chatters.

So I put out to the community at large. Are you into this? Am I more than just a girl with a silly dream? If so, what shall we name it? It looks like someone's already tapped so here are a few other names I've come up with to represent the chat universe at large.

Empyrean (oops, also claimed. neither of these seem to be in use either)

Ideas? Thoughts?


  1. I think it's a fantastic idea, and the name you've gone with is great. Well done for the hard work so far!

  2. Trucker Judd suggests 'Vox Caster' as well.
    I'd like to throw in 'Astropath Network' to the list too.

  3. Thats a great idea! Hi, I just started my own wargaming blog, check it out at: www.noarmoursaves,

    I'm doing my own work with the community lol.

  4. How many magnets does one need to apply to get into royalty anyway? (I have to be close.) The warp seems a good choice.

  5. Sounds like a great idea to me, and you have some good names picked out (Vox Caster and Astropath Network are my personal favs... or something with a subtitle "Terra Station.")

    I'm amazed at how simple it is to setup such a group. Amazing find!