Friday, December 10, 2010

Battle Report - Daemons vs Eldar

Been a little pre-occupied this week, and the draft I had started for this Battle Report never got saved, so here we are (with no excuses left) starting over. Had another game with Da Machine last weekend at the local game store Phoenix Games. They have awesome tables with gorgeous terrain. Also home to the biggest (chaos) titan I've ever seen.

Mission was Annihilation, Setup was Dawn of War. 2000 points. Da Machine brought lots (3 or 4 groups) of Plague bearers, a group of harpies, nurglings for days, 3 spawn, a Great Unclean one, Daemon Prince, nurgle's accountant and some little robed thing that spits huge vomit. I deployed my scouts and waited for the rain of pestilence.

He got the 'do not want' half of the army which was the little things plus spawn. They all landed and ran for cover. Most of which was towards my scouts. My tanks came in and started blazing, hoping to catch them before they went into cover. Sadly though, they brought invulnerable saves with them and the knowledge on how to use them. Before I knew it, the wraithguard tank was down, two of them dead in the explosion, the banshees' ride had no weapons and there were still far too many daemons on the table. Nothing to ram, and tank shocking was useless, so the banshees unloaded to try and save the Rangers (who had managed to wound one of the big monstrosities) from the chaos spawn, but too late. They did manage to finish off the spawn, but not before the nurglings charged in. In a fight that lasted far too long, The Exarch and one lone banshee stood remaining, but they were hit by a small unit of plague bearers. The last banshee went down and the Exarch stood alone, and would have kept fighting had I not stuck a camera in her face. Immediately after, she went down, obviously too worried about her hair after all that fighting.

Autarch Ry'hanna and Farseer Elorrah were going to try and take on the Great Unclean one, but the Falcon deprived them of that opporunity. Having no other target, they joined a huge fight that included harpies, Harlequins and something else. It was messy, but thanks to Fortune, They survived. The harlequins, not so lucky once my opponent realized they had only a 5+ save. Two harlies managed to survive once they realized they had hit & run, but they charged back in next turn in order to kill some more.

Despite losing the Harlequins, the wraithguard's serpent (the wraithguard were knocked out, but the spiritseer with them headed for the hills, or rather, between my other Wraithlord's legs), my sworded Wraithlord, my dire avengers (to a huge plaguebearer charge then failed morale) and my rangers, I still managed to eek a victory! 7 KP to 5!


  1. I like your English: your writing style adds to the tale and makes batreps easy to read.

    Your pictures, on the other hand, are 50/50. The picture of the titan is great: clean and crisp. The nurgle picture is grainy and almost out of focus. Did you take that with a camera-phone? Of course, I mean no disrespect, but I love looking at people's models, but I can't make out much detail on those, so it's sort of a pet peeve.

    Congratz on the win.

  2. Yup, swiped the titan photo, and unfortunately all I had on hand was the camera phone. Occasionally I get a few decent photos with it, but I was having such a blast during this game I only got 2. This was the better of them, sadly. I've been trying to save up to get a better camera than my JVC one, but life keeps happening.