Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Projects - for the future

I currently have 3 armies I've yet to play and another that I've retired until I can do more to it. I am currently playing my Eldar and occasionally my Tyranids. I have far too many armies I know, but I don't know what to get rid of. I've toyed with the idea of selling the 'nids, but I've not finished them up yet. I've come very attatched to the Eldar so I think I'll hold on to them for a while yet. Then again, I said that about the Space Wolves too, but I'd been building them for a looong time. Yes, I've been at this quite a while.

Chaos Marines - I have an Emporer's Children army that I started back in the Rogue Trader era, but a distinct lack of Heavy Support has hurt them severely. I used to run a Blastmaster heavy Havok squad, but the current codex ruined that (that's really my only gripe with that codex too). Adding Lucius recently helped alot. Recently I've picked up a chaos predator, Huron Blackheart and a squad to paint up as Red Corsairs to add to them. Once I get these painted I'll be able to play them again. I also plan on building a Silver Tower of Tzeentch and maybe a Slaanesh Subjugator for fun.

Sisters of Battle - I obtained these at our first swap day in Athens. Apparently this army changed hands alot before I got it. There are several 'test models' that need stripping and repainting. It looks like each person tested but never got around to painting them. Maybe I'm just a dreamer but I am going to hold on to these girls until the next codex release. I might even have a fully painted army when it comes out. I'll only need vehicles at that point. I have a couple of rhinos and parts of an old Immolator conversion kit.

Imperial Guard - Prodigalson and I had always tinkered with playing a jointly owned Guard army. We would pick up guard figures here and there and had plans of making a huge force. When we moved away from one another, his share of the guard joined the Inquisition and mine were no different. When I picked up the Sisters, my guard got poured into that box. I got some stormtroopers in that trade and they went in there too. I'd pick things up here and there and before I knew what was going on there were two platoons of guard in there. I had a chance to pick up several vehicles last year and had to jump at the chance. Now there's a Guard army waiting on me. A recent trade gave me another squad of Stormtroopers too.

Orks - I've always loved the orks too, but never wanted to paint that many figures. When they announced another Space Wolf codex I was excited at first to finally have my Wolves updated, but then I was hearing the rumours of what was coming, and I was sad. I had already been accused of running a 'cheesy' army twice before with codex releases. There would also be a lot of conversion work (again) to make them viable. I thought it was finally time to get rid of them (and my Eldar army was quickly outstripping them as being enjoyable modelling) so I traded them for a 90% painted ork army with some really fun conversions. I'll never play them in tourney since I didn't paint them, but I plan on having fun with them (and maybe using them as a campaign antagonist) since I've got over 3k points of them now.

So the plan right now (after the upcoming tourney / basing the Eldar) is to start on the Sisters. I've got a really good feeling that we will be seeing a codex for them within the next year. Commissar Carrie has also inspired me somewhat. I have lots of fluff ideas for my girls.

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  1. On Sisters: I hope you can come up with something fun and different. All the ones I have seen are repetitive and drab.