Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Dire Avenger Exarch Go!!

I've been a bit busy lately with several projects, one of which involved putting figures back together thanks to certain unnamed kitties. My future as the cat lady at the end of your street has become in doubt of late...

One of my projects was to turn my standard 10-man DA squad into something more versatile. I wanted the ability to run an Exarch-less 10 or 2 5 man squads. This has become especially important of late since there is a 1000 point tournament and those few points are becoming vitally important.

It always kinda teased me that the Dire Avenger box came with 2 extra torso/arm/head sets and not the legs for them. I understand why they did it this way and it makes sense, but being frugal and crafty, I had to do something about this. I ordered some leg bits from ebay thinking I'd have two extra DA for the cheap! I didn't realize that the sprues also come with a butt piece for the legs that the bits didn't include. Those are near impossible to find! So the project went on the shelf (in the bits box) until this tournament loomed. I got things back out and organized and just figured I could greenstuff him a new butt. I'm rubbish with GS, so I managed one simple piece to hold him up. Being queen of magnets, I added a magnet to the lower torso, and magnetized upper torso for the switcheroo! Now I could have 10 normal DA or 8 and 2 Exarchs. I also went further with the Exarch and magnetized his arms so that I could have the other options from the book. It can make a difference running a 5 model unit with Bladestorm and your Exarch doesn't have a gun (which my prior guy didn't). Above is the different options for the Exarch (and the regular DA's gun). I'm quite happy with how it came out, especially the 2 x DA Catapults pose. He appears to be running and firing both behind him. I will photo this when I get it painted.

Also completed recently (but also not painted); Scorpion chainsword option for my Autarch(s), Missle launchers for my Wraithlords and modularizing the underslung weapon for my tanks. Next project: Get out the vacuum to get all this plastic shaving off my desk and carpet.


  1. Your modeling skills put mine to total shame.

  2. Well madam, you have me well beaten with your ability to wordsmith. So there.

  3. Yay for magnets! By the way, is that the discarded husk of an ipod that the arms are stuck to?

  4. Nope, that's actually a flat piece of metal that turned up from something. Turned out great for sticking magnets to.