Sunday, December 5, 2010

"The Warp" Chat Network is up and running!

Thanks to Trucker Judd, the chat network has been tested and is running! We both now have linked chats on our blogs, and it's also available at as a standalone. The website is also accessable from Droid phones but doesn't look like iPhone can do it since it's flash.

It's very easy to add to a blog, simply click 'copy this', tweak the colors to your liking, then post the code in a blog widget! Simple and easy! Note: '200' width will fit within the standard width of the side column in blogger. If/when you do so, register your name and send me an IM via chatango and I'll make sure you have moderator status as well.

I have another battle report in the works, but wanted to put this out there now. Coming soon; Eldar vs Chaos Daemons!

*edit* just wanted to shout out to FoxPhoenix135 (who's got a chatango for his local group) for inspring this idea into motion. Thanks!

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