Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Battle report!! Eldar vs. CSM

Yay!! Dice on the table finally!!

I've been Vassaling the last week or so, mostly to try and test my 1000 point list (see previous post) and evolve it. It's not enough though, to sate the hunger for dice in hand. Today I got to go to my friend Da Machine's place and square off. Classic battle for Iybraesil! vs Chaos Marines! Grr.

First; I had a fantabulous game vs a really excellent opponent (whom I've obviously converted to blogger) in Vassal last night. C&C mission, very bloody as you can see from the screenshot. My tanks contested and a lone Dominion Sister fought her way through Fire and Scatterlaser and climbed over the rubble to find that she was 1/2" from a draw game. It was very very close!! Highlights from that game - A) Calidus assassin that had single handedly killed a chariot of Tzeentch in a previous game. Came out of nowhere and attacked the Farseer, but didn't count on the Farseer's prowress with a blade. First round was a draw - one wound each. Next round she got the upper hand, Elorrah failed morale and ran. The assassin then hopped out of combat and neural shredded a whole squad of Pathfinders. B) The Pimp Slap of Doom. Immolator tankshock!s the stranded Wraithlord (after he'd just kicked over an Exorcist). WL stood his ground silently (cause he's dead and has no mouth) screaming "Death or Glory!". Smashes the tank and explodes it!! I think two of the Dominions inside were caught by surprise and died (because really, who expects a towering monstrosity to kung fu your tank in half?)

The rest of the game is reported on her blog, I couldn't have put it better.

So it would seem that Farseer Elorrah led an expedition onto a Chaos tainted world in search of 3 student farseers (had no foot troops) that had become captured by the Enemy (Mission was 'Prisoners' from Adepticon (we believe)). Somehow the Pathfinders had captured three daemon creatures and were thinking erroneously that Elorrah might want to use them as bait. She let them know that they were just silly boys and not to be trusted to make decisions on their own any more. The Pitched Battle was met over an ancient battlefield, at first thought to be a crone world, but further evidence revealed it not to be so.  The ancient statues though somewhat Eldar in art were on closer inspection, somewhat human in craftsmanship.
The Pathfinders reported that the forces were those of Nurgle. The Chaos Marines attacked first, but did very little other thank make a lot of noise and noxious vapour. Raptors tried to get in the right flank. Wraithguard shot down the right flank in their serpent, Guardian jetbikes tenatively took the left flank. Falcons focussed on the Land Raider. Someone cut down a Raptor in his attempt to get behind our lines. More shooting from the enemy resulted in lots of smoke and noise and some terminators appeared near the jetbikes, but they were able to dance away, but lost their prisoner in the process. Despite them firing a melta gun at him, the Wraithlord strode into the midst of the slicing them open left and right. They fled and he cut them down as they ran.

The Wraithguard wound up immobilizing the (really gorgeous despite being unfinished) land raider but it disgorged some very unhappy plague marines (then again they always look unhappy) and their Chaos Lord Tardiness. They promptly beat the Wraithguard into little wraithbone bits and the marines stayed to guard the two prisoners they had while the Lord ran off to get blasted by a Falcon. Dire Avengers later showed up and wound up killing one or two marines before dying off. The Exarch though we think is still fighting at this very moment.
The Wraithlord meanwhile ran down the middle of the board (after a brief stop to look at the pretty pretty lights) and wound up engaging the chosen. Chosen to be smashed it seems. He also tangled with another squad of plague marines. They weren't too happy when last seen. Harlequins ran down the daemons they summoned and made short work of them, but when they turned to engage the Obliterator cult, they were torched into ash. The Fire Dragons however, strode through the fire and promptly embarrassed the Obliterators.
The terminators used the time they had to chase after the Falcons, and although they shook them up a bit, the Falcons kept on flying. One of them chased down a rhino and gave the driver whiplash. Twice. Three of the prisoners were crossing paths midfield, one was far left, another far right and the last being fought over by the plague marines and the lone Dire Avenger exarch. At the last moment (and gambling successfully (rolled a 1!) the game ended at turn 5) the warlocks remaining jetbikers swooped down and manage to capture back two of the fleeing prisoners and contest the fleeing farseer!! Victory Eldar!

Now we will return the Farseers back to the craftworld and see if the intelligence they hopefully gathered was worth the price we paid.


  1. Da machine chaos are awesome sauce! I caught up with him at hubcon this year. Didn't get a game in had family stuff going on that day as well.

  2. The Eldar are a dying race, so I'm sure losing even one hive world resident for every five enemy models would be considered a horrible loss, bringing their race one step closer to extinction--but at least it's a moral victory!

    In a future post, could you go into the terrain you use? I can't make out the statues (which really seem to be big statues), or figure out whether your streams are home-made or not. And then there's the little circles on the bottom edge of your board: bottle caps, paint tops, spare bases? Enquiring minds want to know!

  3. Oh right! Yes that's Da Machine's home turf. The statues are his own decor. When setting up the table he says "anything in the man cave is valid". I thought the statues were very pretty and lent an old look to the table. And obscured my tanks. ;)

    The stream is one that I believe he made. I don't know much about it other than that. The one that shows in my other photos was made by me.

    Those are bottle caps, or at least what remains of them. "Back in the day" he says, when his Warhammer was mostly 'Beerhammer' the caps got added to the ends of the table. Some were knocked off in the move and others just from wear and tear. It's a table with lots of character!!