Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fire Dragon Exarch and onwards

Fire Dragons done! added a little grass to the bases just for those more woodsy boards. Still not happy with the camera but here's what I could actually get to come out. I'm really very pleased with my bases and I hope the little guys stay put. I didn't pin them so I'm considering this a test. The Rangers I think are going to be a bit simpler and I've already got my 2nd Farseer figured out. After those 6 models and painting the Farseer with the scuplted base, my tourney army will be done!

I'll likely take the rest of Jan to finish basing the rest of the Eldar and then move on to painting my Sisters. I've still got a full squad (minus the Exarch) of banshees to paint, and another 6 Harlequins, but I'll save those for when I need a break from Sister-monotony.

*edit* since the beginning of this post I've finished the Dire Avengers and both Exarchs. I'm really happy with them as well.
Happy New Year everyone!