Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here there be ORKS!!

I mentioned before that I had traded my old Space Wolves in for Orks about a year ago. Today I broke them out. Da MaCHiNe called me yesterday to schedule a game today and came and picked me up to go to the local store. I had originally planned to start my narrative campaign with this game (and a planetstrike one at that) should he bring his Chaos Marines. However, if he were bringing Daemons, I'd play my Orks. I was still staring at both army boxes when he walked in. I asked which army he brought with him and he only responded "Chaos". My friend.

So I explained my thought process and he said I should try my orks out. Since the tourney is over and I'm not really in the mood to start painting the Sisters yet (after the furious Eldar painting fest) I decided this would be a good intermission. Encouraged by him, I grabbed the Ork box and off we went.

I had made a 2000 point list quickly while waiting on him to arrive from memory of what I owned, so it wasn't the best list functionally, but I've since revised it a little. One of the major lessons I learned is to put a runt herder with grots. I bought extra grots for my artillery in case they died (as grots are wont to do) but I forgot to have a look at their Ld. 5 is not conducive to hanging about after an ordinance round. So my artillery never fired.

The table we set up on was already there, but about halfway through my deployment (I was 2nd) I realized there was virtually NO terrain in my side of the board. I thought this would be okay since the object is to get in his face where the killy stuff works best. Sadly this put the lootas in a bad spot, they hardly did anything other than gunning down the Daemon Prince, but only after he killed two Killa Kans.

I had a battlewagon drop off some Orks in front of a Berserker squad that had just exited from their Land Raider. Two of the berserkers were squished on the way in (oops). 20 orks descended on the rest of the squad. It took some doing, but the berzerkers didn't survive. Those boys were later shot down by a retreating landraider and a squad of Plague Marines with flamers. The Chaos Lord meanwhile attacked a patrol of Deffkoptas. He found out to his dismay that one had a buzzsaw beneath it. The battle wagon was sniped by lone plasma gun that had hopped out of a rhino and got a lucky side shot. 'wrecked' is what he did to it.

Bikers managed to Immobilize one of the Vindicators, Tankbustas the other, but that doesn't gain kill points. The bikers had died to the Daemon Prince right after and the Tankbustas are still holding that hill. This was shortly before the Prince smashed exploded the Killa Kans. Never before have I seen someone so hellbent on destruction.

My burna boys arrived to the party a little too late, having gone the long way 'round and winding up taking a lascannon in the Trukk. Kareen! took them the wrong direction and they wound up having to walk towards the fight, and the Plague marines just walked backwards firing the whole way.

Despite my best efforts I only got 5 KP and gave up 9. A solid victory for the CSM. A victory for me as well because I had fun losing and learning my green fellas. I got some compliments too, but it's a shame I didn't do the painting and converting. That was all done by the guy I got the orks from (indirectly). Thanks Mike!! (if you happen to read this). I had so much fun that the orks may very well be the antagonists in my campaign.

Next up, we teach Da MaCHiNe Planestrike.

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