Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stormraven photos then and now.

A while back GW 'leaked' the stormraven photo on their website and of course it made the rounds on the internet. Almost universally it was lamented as a terrible model. It looks small and anemic and skinny and has been called many other names. Not exactly something you'd care to be proud to say "Yeah I rode to battle in that!" I wasn't planning on getting one either way (unless they give them to Sisters of Battle) unlike the Valkyrie which called to me to build it.

Well apparently in the interim Mr. Stormraven hit the gym before showing himself in public. This definitely doesn't look like the model that I was imagining! Very buff, much larger than the above image gave indication. This is a more flattering angle obviously. Beefier than the Valkyrie it does lack the elegance. Of course that comes with that silly melta ignoring armor. 

I'm still reserving my like or dislike of the model until I see one completed, painted and preferably within lance range.


  1. IDK, the old one just seems a lot more elegant, I like it better

  2. I'm on the fence with this one, I'm not impressed with the stats or price of the model as it is for Blood Angels. I will probably have to get one for the GK's since I'm sure they will be lacking anything else.