Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Orky goodness - Trukk

The original Trukk not painted by me.
So after my first game with the orks, I realized that one Trukk wasn't going to do it. Especially when I own a unit of Nobz. Burnas obviously need to ride in one, so I needed another to move things along. When the local store where I used to live went out of business (*sniffle*) I took advantage of the discounts though and picked up several models. One of which was a second Trukk for my Ork army that I had just traded for. It went into the 'to do' pile and wasn't a priority until now.

The Trukk kit is actually really really detailed, and at first I thought I was going to need a mechanic's training to put it together. I mean there's even a drive shaft thingy under there!! I found to my dismay, that in the subsequent move I had misplaced the assembly instructions! I know they are here somewhere, having put them with several other booklets, but heaven knows where they wound up after the move. I had everything organized in boxes prior to the mob by 'primed', 'to-be-primed' etc. Was working pretty well until now.

So, I broke out the kit and set about trying to replicate the prior owner's paint scheme. He was nice enough to tell me what he used, but unfortunately one of the colors was his own mix. I feel like I've gotten a fairly good match on it, though it seems he's got more metal on his Trukk than mine. But they do look very close and I'm pleased with the results so far. :)

Not quite done yet. I'm going to go back and put a little more boltgun on the rusty plates to make them shine a bit. The driver and gunner aren't done yet either as you can see.
 Anyone who knows me knows that I can't stand painting assembled models, so I paint largely on the sprue and it can take a little more time. But knowing those little nooks and crannies are taken care of matters to me.

I won't be doing much on the Orks since my project was supposed to be switching to my Sisters after that tournament. I did need the extra transport (and it was hella fun) and since I still haven't decided on a color scheme I'm vilified. So hopefully next time I'll be blogging about that, but more than likely, it'll be campaign news. We shall see!


  1. You've got it looking fantastic, rusty and dirty. I love the strong red and reddish theme.

  2. Painting Orks is a lot of fun the thing is with Orks that fun ends about the 44th model. LOLMy favorite Ork model is my nobbikers all 18 of em. And my 3 wagonz especially the one painted like the A team . With Ba ,hannible,face and Murdoc.

  3. Your orcs will be absorbed into the swarm, mwahahahhahahahaa.