Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As Requested; Dire Avengers

Contemplative Avenger wasn't paying attention again.

Just a quick photo (and update) of the Dire Avengers as requested. (love the sound of that) My photo quality is still crap, so forgive please.

Before dear Reader, you say anything, yes I know there are two Exarchs. I have needed to split the squad smaller in the past and been unable to, so I made a convertable Exarch/Avenger. I also needed the Exarch to have dual cats for the upcoming tournament and my power weapon / shimmershield guy is glued together completely. He's not *quite* done, but I don't think you can tell from the photo. His face needs shading, the gem under his pistol needs color and he needs his symbol on his hat. oh and dullcoating.

Anyway, this was more about the basing anyway.

Bit more of an angle to show of the new Exarch

My original idea was to have my Eldar attacking an Imperial outpost on the sea. So my bases are going to be rather industrial themed. Add a little grass for those fuzzy boards and viola, you have a french word. I think I covered all this in a previous post.

I achieved this with macreme meshing, plasticard, gravel and flocking as well as a little fake grass. The Dragons have vehicle bits, plasticard, gravel and grass and the Rangers (which I just completed) have the mesh and city ruins bits, as they almost always are on a rooftop. I have some more Rangers models, but those will be my Pathfinders and have a foresty theme, as well as a little something special for one of the guys mentioned in the Chronicles of Ry'hanna.

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  1. Hey how did yoy shade the white of your helmets? Wash or blacklined?