Monday, January 3, 2011

A disturbance in the Æther...

Did you feel that? A movement within the Immaterium. The urge to run a campaign is calling to me again. That could be complicated since I still know very few gamers here locally. I could just throw it out to the local store, but I don't know which players are reliable and which are not around here. This chafed me on the last campaign. I poured a lot of work and effort into building it and the (not quite finished) Campaign Packet I came up with. I guess I expected a bit more commitment from the players. Maybe it's just me, but when you ask a player for feedback, it's kind of expected. I let everyone know that the Packet was still being worked on and I needed lots of feedback to get it finished, as well as their turn orders. I was running a map based / narrative campaign.

Moving forward, I can try and run a campaign with less player control (which I'm not fond of) or with fewer players. Still haven't decided yet. I do know that it will be a single planetary campaign rather than spanning multiple systems I think the travel times between planets/systems were too disenchanting previously. Having to wait a full 3 week turn with no action can be a turn off. Going completely narrative would allow me to do away with the Packet, needing to build a map and the movement issues, but would mean less player control and probably fewer players at the same time.

I suppose this conjecture is still 'cart before the horse' yet. I should probably identify interested players first to see if anyone even wants to be involved. I still have a tournament to prepare for anyway and a story to finish.


+++Transmission Inbound+++
+++administratum securis procuro: code orange+++
+++message arrives:+++
+++Thought For The Day+++
+++To err is to invite retribution.+++
Date: 4035802.M41
Source – Vardash III

Emperor be Praised

Report - Post Siege and retaking of city by Imperial Forces
No further signs of uprisings or alien influence, nor any sign of the Arch-traitor Xylar ne'Ivis. It's possible that he escaped capture. More likely that he succumbed to wounds and was mass-burned with the other traitors that surrendered when the aliens broke.
-Temporary Planetary Governor Fargus Nomen

+++End Transmission+++

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