Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tournament Report - 1000 points


We converged on Phoneix games for 8 games / 12 hours of fast and furious dice rolling. Tournament was 1000 points, all Kill Points, Missions were 2 each from the rulebook, plus 2 'Cauldron' missions.

I took the previously mentioned Shining Spears list. I figured that I would not last the entire 8 rounds without becoming loopy, so I might as well have fun with it. I'm also trying to figure out the Spears. I've had some really good experiences with them and want to see them shine. (see what I did??)

I guess I figured that at 1000 points it wouldn't be THAT bad. Well I guess I underestimated. There were some really serious lists there. I had been having trouble with Da MaCHiNe's Daemon list; Bloodthirster, GUO, Daemon Prince, Soulgrinder, plaguebearers and nurglings and Noah's Armored Eldar; 2 Prisms, Falcon, 2 Dragon Squads in Serpents, 2 Da squads and a Guideseer for the Falcon. During the tournament I lost to Noah (I had beat him before with a Banshee variation of the list) and managed to beat the Daemons, but only after having to go to victory points. (Thanks Kirby for the advice!)

The other armies that were there were pretty much all marines or chaos marines. Noah and I were the only Eldar. Da MaCHiNe had Daemons and one other person had some very beautiful Tyranids.

Among the marines were; 2 Land Raiders, 2 tac squads and a Librarian (and winner of the tournament); Abaddon, 2x 5 man Chaos marine squads and the rest of the points in Terminator Champion bodyguard; Another Abaddon list with 2 big squads of CSM and 5 bikes; Pedro, his Stern(?)guard and 2 tac squads all in rhinos; oh, and a Chaos Guard army with 2 Vendettas, penal legion squads and the largest ogryn group i've ever seen!

I beleive this was the 'Pedro' list.
The guard beat me soundly. It was my 8th game and my tired brain couldn't figure out what to do with the Ogryn. It just didn't compute. I wound up meeting both the Abaddons. The termie gang was just too much for me and overwhelmed me. I did make the mistake of trying to engage them with the spears before softening them up first. The 2nd list I nearly tabled, but Abaddon singlehandedly took out both Falcons and my Shining spears and then ran from my Farseer.

This was probably the best looking army there. Painted
by the same guy that created the Titan that lives at the shop,
they looked fantastic. Nearly every ogryn head is sculpted.

It was a really fun tournament and I met some nice people and even got some great tips on painting from a couple of them. It was very well run and everyone had a good time as far as I could tell. I was really happy to have a couple of 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' over my Eldar too. :) I don't think I'll do another 8-in-one-day tourney again, but I definitely look forward to playing those guys in the future.
His army lived in a bag, but his MCs were very pretty.
Can't have an Eldar post without Elorrah. ;)

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