Monday, March 14, 2011

Mordheim - Sharphoof's Raiders

So the gang at the LGS recently started a Mordheim League. I figured I would give it a try. The Sisters of Sigmar sounded interesting and very Sisters of Battle (and I figured I might could use the figures in my army). Sad to say I didn't find the Sisters models very appealing. I've always loved beastmen though, so after looking at them, and the models I decided to give it a whirl.

I planned my warband, figured out which dolls I needed and armed with my Chaos Blood Bowl team for proxying I headed to the store on Saturday. Now I didn't like Necromunda, but for some reason I fell for Mordheim. Maybe it's the terrain at the store (it's totally gorgeous) maybe it's something else, but it was a lot of fun. I attempted to get the store owner to order me the Mordheim gang, but he and a couple of the regulars suggested I go with the regular Beastmen box since there are more of them and more options for the same price, which actually helped me in the long run.

So Saturday and some of today I spent working on converting and putting together the Bestigors I picked up. There's a lot of pieces there! They weren't as easily converted as I had hoped due to the way the models are holding the weapons, but there are a few arms that are usable. The wrists are segmented too, which makes it a little tougher to me, but I made do! I'm very pleased with the results. Granted it's just arm conversion work, but I felt like I'd done good work there. It's also a milestone for me since I put models together BEFORE I painted them. I normally dislike doing that because it leaves some gaps and makes it hard to paint in there.

I'm particularly proud of my Chieftan as he's magnetized and somewhat posable. I couldn't find my old accessory sprue so I didn't get him as decked out as I'd like, but I can always add later. Photos of him are forthcoming. Hopefully a new camera as well.

So I got this little doll painted up and actually did so according to the GW website (another milestone). I normally don't paint like this. The results are very distinctively different from my usual work I think, or at least I see a difference. I will try and paint my next Sister of Battle in that same style and see if it changes anything.

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