Monday, March 14, 2011

Mordheim - Bighorns Sharphoof

Tomorrow is Mordheim day at the shop and I wanted my Chieftan to be ready for battle. Today I painted him up and I'm rather happy with the results. I magnetized his arms (of course) since I would like other weapon options at some point.

I present; Bighorns Sharphoof, leader of the ragtag band known as Sharphoof's Raiders. They like axes and chopping and usually their big friend Murrghor the Minotaur comes along for the fun of it.

The last excursion they made into Mordheim was a bit of a disaster though. They had heard there was a whole trove of loot and wyrdstone in a little shack in a outlying section of town. Upon arrival and scouting out the area they discovered that a small group of dwarves had taken up post around the place. Two were even on the roof. Sharphoof, smartest of the beastmen that he knew, spread his band around the perimeter to charge in at 'the signal'. He later realized he forgot what 'the signal' was, but instead just bellowed his favorite (of that moment) roar. Beastmen rushed from all sides and the dwarves quaked in fear, but this didn't stop them from firing crossbows at the oncoming beastmen. Their bolts failed to hurt anyone coming in and the charging beasties slammed into the dwarves almost stumbling over their shortness. Harr'tak the bestigor was following behind Murrghor through cover and preparing to charge into the fray when Murrghor drew up short in front of him! He continued around the huge beast and charged in, leaping over a fence in his way. He glanced back briefly and saw the minotaur staring perplexed at the fence. He looked ahead and beyond his target Harr'tak saw the Dwarf Lord yelling something and pointing in his direction. Then from the corner of his eye he glimpsed a dwarf stepping into his path just in time to plant an axe in his chest. Everything went black.

Sharphoof rages at the loss to the stunties!!
Harr'tak came to some time later with the band's shaman applying some muck to his wound. It burned something fierce. He didn't feel well. He also had a burning desire to exact revenge on that Dwarf Lord. Though he wasn't the only one to be dropped in battle, he was the one that got hurt the worst. This was their first loss, and next time he'd be ready. Especially for them dwarves.

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