Monday, March 21, 2011

Mordheim - Harr'Tak's Raiders

So, on Mordheim day at the shop last week. You know the one I blogged about, having spent the day painting my pride-and-joy Sharphoof figure... Yeah that's the one. The Raider's first game of the day was against Da Machine's Undead. The mission was to hold buildings. The Raiders had managed to claim 3 buildings and was about to contest the 4th. There were two zombies inside and several milling about outside. The Chaos Warhounds attacked the outside zombies and Sharphoof plowed through the one by the door, and headed inside. He found the two zombies there and engaged them in combat. One dropped to his onslaught while the other kept trying to stab him with a dirty kitchen knife. After a moment or two, two dregs barged in and held him down while the zombie ate his brain.

Poor Sharphoof.

Now the band has turned to the most experienced beastman to lead them. Sadly, this is Harr'Tak. He's horribly scarred (causes fear), has a half healed chest wound (-1T) and is psychologically scarred as well (hates the Dwarf Noble). Clearly the best choice to lead this band. Clearly.

I'm having fun though, and without a doubt this does give my warband character!

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