Friday, March 11, 2011

Camera Time - Opinions needed!!

So now that I have a job again (*whew*) I will be able to shop (YAY!!) and the first thing on my list, quite possibly after bills, is a new camera. I have, I think, 3 digital cameras. One was a hand-me-down from a friend and is just terrible. It is so fickle and sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Seems like you always need a flash, and that burns through batteries in no time. The other was an old Sony Mavica I got in a box of things my mother gave me after my father passed. I thought the Mavica was pretty cool, and it was perfect for what he did. He could just drop the floppy full of photos in the file he was working on rather than print them all out. It's now very old and the drive doesn't work very well. My 3rd is my video cam, and it takes not-so-great photos, as can be seen on this blog.

So I am putting a call out to you bloggers and modelers that photograph your models, and anyone familiar with photography to a degree more than I (which is alot, I know which end to look into); What features of a camera should I look for. I'm aware that 'Macro' is for photos up close, but I really don't know what that means. Do I look for a number, letter or just that it has 'Macro'? (See where I'm coming from?) Cost is an issue too. I'm trying to keep it under or around $100 (Emphasis on the 'under') so I realize I'm not going to get the super camera here. I'm also looking for something I can use for general photos as well, and preferably (but not required) something that fits in my purse easily.

I've seen MANY cameras that fit my requirements, but there are sooo many features on them that it's a little mind-boggling. And I'm supposed to be a tech geek. Ha!!

Thanks everyone who helps!!

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  1. Canon Ixus 105 or 130, no questions asked.
    The 130 takes better video, bigger resolution pics, and other modern things, while the 105 is cheaper, and has better picture quality.

    Both are on the cheap side.