Sunday, March 6, 2011

Battle Report - Death at Big Mek's Shop

Had a very wonderful (vassal) game with Commissar Carrie, and though it started a little lopsided, eventually blossomed into a nail biter! Had I known that it would have ended thus, I'd have gotten more snapshots.

The start of the game had me deployed with 2 Zoeys on one flank, 1 on the other, with two squads of warriors in cover (note the blood). Carrie's DeffKoptas scouted up the left and right flanks and blew them away with help of some other units on TURN ONE. They never got to move!
The Valliant Hammer of Justice (Looted Wagon with BOOMgun) was on FIRE. A single shot out of 6 rounds of firing missed it's intended target. By far this was her MVP. The rest of the game after turn 1 can be summed up like this:
(Carrie) rolls 1 dice, 5+ to hit, 2+ to wound, rerolling missed hits...
* 0 out of 1 dice hit (5+) = (1)
*   Rerolling 1 dice: 0 out of 1 rerolled dice hit (5+) = (2)
* Amounting to 0 wounds.
Stealerbugs outflanked from both table edges, Tyrant and Parasite/shrikes struck from above and Yrmgarl stealers (my first time running them) appeared in the Ork's faces (though I expected her to have advanced farther up.)  It was looking grim for the Orks. The Great White Hive Tyrant was down to one wound and Deff Koptas, Nobs and the Warboss all tried to take it from him, but he prevailed. That is until the Big Mek decided it was his time. The only shot that the Big Mek made that really counted took out the Great White and nearly destroyed the Parasite. This was turn 6, the final turn. Where the Hammer had moved up to contest the lone center objective, then fired on the genestealers sitting atop the left side objective blowing them to smithereens. Stompa Killa, venerable Deff Dread, had sat back field, watching with his wizened eyes the comings and goings of the battle, had moved towards that flank. After the Stealers crawled out of the crater formed by the boomgun, he assaulted them. Despite charging into cover and being immobilized by the broodlord's immense strength, Stompa Killa reached out and snipped off the head of one of the remaining stealers. The following turn saw them staring and growling at one another.

The realization that Stompa Killa was a troop choice hit me at that moment. In one turn Carrie had moved from my holding 3 objectives, to contesting all three, PLUS had a REALLY good chance of claiming that one since the Dredd was immobilized within 3" of the objective. The third objective (on the right flank) had been run over by the Skorcha Looted Wagon. It needed removing if I were to win. The Teal Warrior had hit nothing the entire game with his barbed strangler, and failed to do anything to the Hammer on the last turn as well. It was up to the Parasite and the lone remaining Warrior over there. Parasite went first and in a freak emo rage, he got two penetrating hits. First was 'wrecked' and I was just so happy for the little guy. The second was 'Explodes' and the crowd went wild. The last Warrior only had one wound remaining. Fortunately, Carrie failed to wound him (The Parasite dropped to his last wound though) and I claimed the objective. Die roll said that game ended there, thankfully so. Another round with that venerable deff dread and the stealers may not have survived!

For The Win!


  1. Oh! I've been asked about my maps, so I will be hosting them in a blog post here shortly.

    And yes, it's funny how a game that seems so one sided at one point can turn upside down a turn or two later. So awesome!!

  2. The dread is a vehicle and thus never able to be scoring.

    Apart from that, sounds like a fun game.