Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rules Query for Your Pondering.

Last night I posed a question to the 3++ chatbox (located to your right) that I've often wondered about but until last night in Vassal, had never come up for me. I got several mixed replies there and (I imagine) one or two confused stares.

The situation is this. Farseer X's Fortune goes down at the beginning of the turn. He obviously thinks that it should stay up, so he casts Fortune again. The dice come up two ones. Ghosthelm fails. First invulnerable save succeeds, so he has to roll another save but fails it.

The question; Does he get a re-roll to that failed invulnerable save?

The rulebook states that the power goes off live or die, so any squad left behind (assuming this is his last wound) would have Fortune up. Everyone agreed that the first Fortune was gone and not usable. However there was no consensus to when the power actually happened. Does the wound have to be resolved THEN the power happens, or does the power happen as soon as the successful psychic test is made?


  1. I'd go with the test having passed, because you passed it. I don't know the exact rulings in the rule book though. Interesting though. The real answer is... don't roll snake eyes ;)

  2. Cami;

    Test passes and I'd say Fortune cancels out the need to re-roll successful invuls from Perils.

  3. I'll agree with the Pink one on this.