Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vassal Maps

That's right!! No Grey Knight mentions here.

Oh wait. Dammit!

Honestly though, who'd have thought I'd have sought after material!? Especially my doodlings in Vassal. Well I'm tickled and more than happy to present them here. I've tried to label them according to the type of terrain and everything, but if you have any questions, I'm not too far to hide. And that goes for any map of mine, just look for the hurricane 'symbol' in the lower left. --->

Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2 Enjoy!!

Thanks everyone who's kept up with me. We hit (and passed) 50 followers last week! Amazing that I can be that entertaining!

*edit* Maps lists
Pack 1:
DesertFlower2 - A ruined pumping station.
RoadsideCamp2  - An imperial camp on the side of a road. (pictured)
TauOutpost - An outpost, made my Tau. Big surprise!
UrbanDecay - An early map I did. Pretty urban, and busy. Forgot to label it.

Pack 2:
BigMeksPlace - A junkyard where shooty 'tings get built!
CrowdyTown - An experiment in BLoS. Only the brave go to Crowdy Town
JunkyardCrossroad - New map!! Junkyard, at a crossroad! So easy!
SnowStation - Lots more buildings fun, in the snow!


  1. Link has been fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Uh... I'm new with Vassal, soo... how do you set the maps up in your Vassal folder?

  3. To install the maps;

    1. Unzip the file(s) to a folder that's easy to remember/get to. (I put mine in my vassal directory and called it 'Tables')

    2. When you want the map go to File > Load Game... and point to the maps folder and open the one you like! :)

    3. Enjoy!