Sunday, August 22, 2010

Apocalypse Objectives!

Daemonhunter, Marine, Tau, Eldar Objectives:

1. The defense laser must be silenced! 1 point for destroying, 2 points for securing.

2. Stop the Warp Bomb. 1 point if you can prevent it being delivered to it's destination, 2 points if you control it. You can carry it, but intel reports that anyone in less than power armor (3+ save) would be not protected by it's chaos warping effects.

3. 1 point for each bastion that you control.

4. You've recieved orders to bring back a Tyranid Synaptic organism for study. 1 point for having a Tyranid Primary marker. You will also get a non-primary marker for killing a tyranid HQ in hand to hand. You will get 1 point for each of these you get back to your Forward base (even if it's a ruin).

5. Killing Xylar ne'Ivis  is 1 VP, Capturing him is worth 2!

Tyranid, Genestealer Cult/PDF, Chaos Objectives:

1. Defend the Bastions in the city. This means you cannot allow attackers to be in base to base even if they are in ruins. 1 point per bastion.

2. Delivering a Primary HQ marker to the hive bastion. 1 point each.

3. Having the Doomsday Device in an Active state - 1 point. If the Warp Bomb is attatched to it - 2 points.

4. Taking the Attackers' forward base: 1 point for destroying it, 2 points for capturing it intact.

5. The Tau shot down the Chaos General's ship. Twice now. 1 VP for killing the Tau commander 2 VP for capturing him so that he can be 'thanked' properly.
The revolution will be televised!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I know I, for one, am fascinated at what goes on behind the scenes for these big games. Hopefully you don't mind me asking a few questions:

    - Did you sit this game out and oversee it as a referree?

    - Did you choose teams (or create lists) before you set the objectives? I presume so, but if not, did you give them any clues as to what they'd have to accomplish before they made their lists?

    - Did you find the missions balanced? At first glance, it seems the "good guys" have the ability to get more total points than the bad guys (since they can get extra points for each Tyranid HQ).

    - Who is Xylar ne'Ivis? Is that the Chaos HQ? Did you give him any special rules, or just a nifty name?

    - How did you differentiate between killing/capturing? Is this the difference between a shooting death and a h2h one?

    - What are the markers you used? ("Deliver a primary HQ marker" and "Having a Tyranid Primary Marker.") Are these special markers, or is it effectively: "If you kill this HQ, you get a VP?"

  2. Wow! I honestly didn't see these questions before an I apologize. I'm actually going to answer them now, as I'm about to start campaign #2 and this would be good refresher (and why I'm going over the notes again)

    I sat in as referee. It was fun enough just to watch.

    The teams were set during the campaign, and yes, they made their lists prior to knowing some of the objectives. Some were in their orders (everyone had different ones) and some I revealed that morning. (I like team efforts and cooperation)

    Yes, the mission wound up being fairly well balanced. The Tyranid HQs were all behind an AV14 2 Structure Point wall, so that kinda balanced things out. There were also 4 'goodies' and only 3 'baddies' with associated characters.

    Xylar ne'lvis was a Rogue Trader with some impressive psychic ability that had angered a whole bunch of folks by stealing all of the things. He had also been unlucky enough to have been unknowingly implanted by a Genestealer some time back. He was hiding out on an imperial planet and acting as a beacon. I thought I posted about him here, but have been unable to find him again.

    Reducing to 0 wounds was a capture. Instant death was a kill. A downed character became a "marker". I'm not sure exactly what I used. Probably glass beads or poker chips.