Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doomsday Device

So in trying to design the 'Doomsday Device' for the Chaos forces, I was racking my brain trying to decide just what sort of device to build. I went through my now nearly depleted  bits box looking for inspiration when it struck me. Why does it have to be a machine? My only requirment was that it had to have a recepticle for the Warp Bomb. I was having thoughts of carving the Silver Towers out of foam, why not just make an obelisk? So I broke out the super duper foam slicer and got to work. I had plenty of styro left over from the first wall attempts. I carved up an obelisk quickly, but thought it was too straight. Not chaosy enough. I thought about carving flowing curves out of foam insulation, but wanted to save that for the tower. It's chaos, why not make it a giant chaos symbol! aaaaaaaand here it is. I'm rather proud of this considering it went from concept to finished in a little over two hours.

I'm all packed up, ready for the game. Hard to believe that I didn't have anything that needs to be done in the morning. Yay!

At noon tomorrow the mission objectives will be posted.

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