Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More fiction and other stuff too!

"All drop craft report readiness Sir. No further trace of the tyranid debris." said the deck officer aboard the Hammerhand.

"Good. Let the Voice of Redemption know we are ready to commence. Inform my ship that I'm on my way, and signal me if that Eldar craft comes any closer. It's been sitting there for two days now." The captain turned and strode away, his artificer armour making heavy footfalls upon the deck.

Outside, all of the Imperial craft were moving into a lower orbit in preparation for assault. An Eldar craft, silent in the void kept a 'respectful' distance from the assault force since arriving. It had risen from the nearby moon Phidos some days before and seemingly refused all hails. As the Imperial craft came closer to the planet, a powerful laser blast eminated from the largest city, Jucundus Maximus. The blast struck a smaller escort vessel blowing it to pieces! The fleet, on a signal from the command ship begain to launch it's firestorm to soften up the enemy. A large pod was dropped amidst the storm, that once landed on the outskirts of the city, would serve as a forward HQ for the attackers.

Proximity alarms blared as a smaller shuttlecraft was spotted nearby, attempting to make planetfall ahead of the attacking forces. It was being pursued by a Tau vessel even into the atmosphere. Ion cannon fire raked the shuttlecraft, crippling it. Trailing flame and pieces of itself, the ship silently descended towards Jucundus, attempting to make it to the spaceport there. The Tau ship continued pursuit, barrelling after the wreckage. A beam from the Defense Laser below came frightening close, and the hunter veered off. Obviously the shuttlecraft's occupants had allies below. The dropship continued it's landing, but had changed course for a forest area to the southeast of the city.

In a dimly lit chamber aboard the Voice of Redemption, a figure sat still, pouring over the Imperial Tarot. Light from a single candle illuminated the near future. A microbead in his ear fed constant details about the impending assault and the fight going on outside. A glancing hit from a laser blast sent a shockwave through the hull of the ship, setting off klaxons.  An armored reached out and snuffed the candle and the Inquisitor stood. "All the pieces are now in place, it has begun." he said to no one in particular. Picking up his effects, he strode to the door and into the hallway. Squinting against the comparatively bright light, he said to one of his aides standing outside, "Send word to the Eldar that we are starting, with or without them." He watched the aide hurry off and turned to the other and said "The drop zone has been picked for us, tell them to target where the Tau ship landed, lets go."

Drop pods and shuttles began to launch from both cruisers and a small Eldar craft detatched from the silent watcher and began descent, following the Imperial craft towards their target. The siege had officially begun.


Here's a photo on my completed Imperial bunker. I started it as an afterthought, and wound up putting more into it than the other terrain I've done. I'm rather happy with the results! Hopefully the Imperials and their allies will be too.

I've been following the various cons and tournaments that other people have been attending and they sound like lots of fun. I've been to smaller tourneys and have had loads of fun, I've done pretty well at a couple of them. Sadly though, there don't seem to be any major events in the southeast that I can find. You'd think with a huge city like Atlanta here, there would be something big. I know there was a Games Day here many many moons ago and another in 2006, but I don't know of anything else comparative anywhere nearby. I would really love to go to one of these larger events, so if anyone knows of anything, or where to find them, please let me know.


  1. Hey I like the looks of that bunker. Nice job with the angled cuts and getting them all to line up!

  2. The Tau think it looks awesome :)

  3. They would, since they'll likely be hiding in it on Sunday. ;)