Friday, August 20, 2010

The Defenders of Vardash III

I've had these guys for AGES wanting to paint them up. Years and years ago I collected genestealers from space hulk and space crusade on the side while I was building Space Wolves.  By the time I had enough Tyranid models to field hybrids were no longer a valid option in the codex. Into a box they went. I gained possession of a couple more here and there and those too joined the originals in the box. I'm now up to 11. When the Genestealer Cult codex came out I got excited about being able to run these guys, but was deep into other things at the time so on the shelf they stayed. Until now.

When the Tyranid player in my campaign headed towards the largest, most populated planet on the map, I got excited. I had given him intel that there was a psychic 'tug' towards it like an intergalactic dinner bell. I had planted a genestealer on that planet at the beginning of the campaign. He did take his time answering that call, so I guessed that there could be a larger cult on the planet by then. The seeds of this Apocalypse game had been planted.

Sadly, the local store we played at closed a few turns before this game could take place. A couple of the players had moved away as well. The game was shelved for a time. Finally the moons had aligned and the time was right. I got out my notes, unearthed some figures and sketched up battle plans. Terrain ideas seemed to pour onto my paper. I had to get rid of some ideas in favor of the reality of what I could actually have done in time.

I loaded my copy of the Cult list in preparations of making the army list and sat aghast at what I saw. The 5th ed stealer codex had made this one somewhat obsolete. Broodlords were no longer an HQ choice as it was in the Cult list. I adapted, and feel comfortable that I've come up with something workable. I leaned heavily on the Guard codex and simply folded in some of the cult workings. I'm much happier with the result, especially fluff wise.

I originally planned for having two of these figures, but ended up with 4 instead. I'm using them in place of guard sergeants and I guess I can replace a captain as well. They were a breeze to paint, even glued together first (which I abhore) and I was impressed with the detail on them. As with most of the figs from wayback, their arms are a bit oversized, but I figure hey, they're mishappen bug people.

I'm terribly happy that they now reside on my 'completed' table. With less than two days left until the game and plenty left to do, I need some little victories.

I painted these guys with shadow grey pants but with different tops. I wanted a bit of an un-uniform appearance, especially since the guard figures I have are painted differently having been obtained through different trades. I have long considered how I wanted to paint a guard force and I think I've discovered it. The little guy in this last photo, on the left has black boots, shadow grey pants and a macharite red top with silver trim. I'm really really impressed by the way it came out and think I may go with this when I do guard.

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