Monday, August 2, 2010

Battle Report: Planetstrike!

I like Planetstrike. I think it's my favorite of the 40k expansions so far. I haven't played in some time however, and with a big Apocalypse/Planetstrike campaign ending game coming, I felt like I needed a bit of a refresher. I thought I had the perfect recipie for a prequel campaign fight too, as my 'Forces of Disorder' general was going to be making a showing, and hopefully wanting to push some bugs for me. I only wanted to watch and coach as a rules refresher. Sadly my general didn't want to partake, so I broke out my Eldar. I also forgot to pack my camera today, so I have no visual evidence either. My Eldar opponent from last week's rematch was my opponent again this week, so we drafted 2500 point armies; he as attacker and I as defender. We did a simple Planetfall mission, 3 objectives. I simply forgot somehow that I could place some of my things in reserve, but fortunately had enough tanks to load everyone except my Autarch, Farseer Elorrah (both on bikes) and my wraithlord into one or into a Bastion. Firestorms didn't do much, both my jetbikes were hit but saved by invulnerable saves, I think two of the falcons were 'can't shoot' results. 3 Fire Prisms, 4 Vypers and 2 squads of Fire Dragons showed up first turn, and though one of the FD squads was shot down with interceptor fire, 2 of my bastions were blown up. Both my Dark Reapers and Pathfinders were inside, with both of my strategems attatched, now gone and useless. One wave serpent (Dire Avengers) got immobilized. Striking scorpions showed up too, but were misplaced landing near the wraithlord (*whistles innocently*). However the wraithlord was distracted when an Avatar was dropped from orbit right beside all 3 falcons.

It was a very fun game, and it's very late so here are the highlights...

  • Banshees won the scorpion v. banshee argument. The scorpions have to be painted the next time they show up if they want a rematch. However banshee on banshee is the worst sort of fight!
  • Avatars can take a crap-load of fire (took 3 wounds), but they just make Pathfinders mad, and they know kung-fu. (killed 3 of mine, but doom got his last wound in the end)
  • Fuegan apparently brought a cap gun to this battle. His axe worked fine though, if a tank was already on the ground. He did take out my wraithguard early on to his credit.
  • Eldrad does whatever he wants.
  • Fire dragons raining from the sky are not healthy for bastions, or much else for that matter.
  • Tank shock works very well for my opponent. Those watergun wielding pathfinders were sent running off board.
  • Wraithsight pops up at the WORST times.
  • My Dark Reaper exarch can survive a Fire prism blast, but not a shuriken catapult??
  • My Autarch showed the shining spears that there were entirely too many missles in her reaper launcher.

All in all a great game! I'm hoping to get another in before the big game.


  1. lol, last time I encountered wraithsight, my guardsmen avoided a big bridge in the middle of the table on which a Wraith lord decided to take a nap for 3 consecutive turns!

  2. Yuck! Mine wasn't that bad, but it was bad. There was an immobilized Fire Prism sitting on the objective so it should have been an easy kill. My dice had been on fire the entire game. That last turn they really let me down.