Saturday, August 28, 2010

We trained her wrong on purpose ... as a joke.

I’m currently doing fairly well with my mechanized Eldar. I hesitate to use the vernacular ‘mech-dar’ because I have none of the trappings of the lists that seem to be so popular on the ‘net; Seer councils, Fire Prisms or Fire Dragons. Seeing so many people speak out against similar armies, I worry a bit that it’s the army that is winning and not so much my tactics. Granted I’m getting draws a fair bit, but more draws than losses to be sure.

I decided to build the worst list I could. An army that would be scoffed at and designed to lose, or at least one that makes it very, very tough to win. What units to play? I’d obviously have to grab some less popular units. Vypers and Shining spears seem to be good options. I don’t have any Swooping hawks, or I’d add those too.

The HQ was proving to be tough. Eldar have strong HQ choices. I decided that the Autarch was probably the least popular/effective. No bike either. My autarch on bike rules. I was tempted to choose Yriel, but I don’t have one of him … yet.

Elites. Going down the list they all look strong, no wait. Wraithguard. They are excellent as a dug in troops choice defending an objective. I’ve had terrible luck running a 5 guard elite unit, even in a wave serpent.

Troops. Guardian jetbikes are probably going to be the choice here. They are fast, but that 12” range gets them eaten alive. Pathfinders are awesome, as are Dire Avengers. Guardians would probably be the ‘worst’ but mine aren’t painted, so that’s against my rules. :p

Fast Attack. Vypers. I don’t even have to open the book for that one. I’ve heard so much dismay at the Vyper that it’s automatically in this list. Shining spears are also not run by many, though in the local circle I play with, they usually blow up mine quickly. Maybe I’m effective with them? ;)

Heavy Support. I’ve not run Dark Reapers in a long time. They are a fantastic unit with stopping power vs almost any infantry. I’ve also not seen them on anyone else’s lists, so in they go! I want to throw a Falcon in just out of habit, but I think I’m going to go with a Wraithlord. It is a very good unit, but having to walk and dealing with wraithsight makes him tough to use. I also just picked up some support weapon bits, so I may try and assemble that and try it as a third heavy option.

So here is what I’ve come up with: (1996 points)

Autarch with Reaper launcher, Power weapon and Banshee mask

5 x wraithguard + warlock with enhance in a wave serpent with TL starcannons and spirit stones

9 howling banshees + exarch with mirror swords and war shout in wave serpent with TL scatter lasers and spirit stones

6 guardian jetbikes + spiritseer with destructor. 2 have shuriken cannons.

6 guardian jetbikes + spiritseer with destructor. 2 have shuriken cannons.

4 shining spears + exarch with star lance and withdraw

1 3-vyper squadron. 1 with missle launcher and shuriken cannon, 1 with starcannon and one with bright lance

4 dark reapers + exarch with tempest launcher, crack shot and fast shot

1 wraithlord with flamers and wraithsword and shuriken cannon

I'm hoping to try this list out soon, and see what happens. Won't be tomorrow though, I have to do some studying for a job interview on Monday. So no battle report. Stop pouting... I'll try and post something


  1. Cool list and despite your motivation to build a weak list it's not that bad at all! Only thing I noticed which is completly useless is the spirit stones on the vyper Since due to squadron rule they ignore crew stunned results anyway. Besides that it looks like a lot of fun maybe equip all the vypers in a same manor so they can actually be somewhat effective against something. Scatterlasers are always great on these guys.

    Anyways let us know how "bad" the list was!

  2. Quite right. I am not sure why I put them there. :p I moved the points from the Vyper to the Wraithlord so he could have a Shuriken cannon.

  3. So, the underlying motivation is that you want to improve your game? Or is it more accuarate to say you're just trying to evaluate how good your game actually is?

    As for "bad" units, the Eldar don't have many, as you've figured out. Granted, they may be points costed high compared to newer codices, but they're fairly good choices throughout. I do have some suggestions:

    HQ: I've always found Autarchs to be quite good (even without a bike), and Yriel is great. I think the way to go here is Phoenix Lords for less desirable options. They tend to be expensive, and very specialized. Some are quite good (*cough Fuegan*), but others have questionable value. Baharroth and Jain Zair come to mind..

    Elites: Wraithguard are a good choice here, as are Scorpions. Neither are bad, but both are roughly marine stats in an Eldar force--without the flexibility of specials/heavies.

    Fast Attack: Definitely Hawks. They are so unloved by the masses (and for good reason). One thing I particularly love about this unit is that despite being soft, expensive, and relatively unable to kill things, they do bring an element of tactical superiority to the table. They're flexible and can be used to cut off units, harrass rear-guard, capture objectives, etc. Plus I just like dropping big templates on things. BOOM!

    Heavies: Dark Reapers are woefully unappreciated, but they're a great unit. The problem is that everyone looks at Eldar as Mechdar, and they can't move and fire. They kill MEQ like no-one's business though. The bottom of the Barrel here have to be the support weapon batteries.

    Anywho, those are just my thoughts on the units. Kudos for you in mixing up your force. Of course, you don't want to taunt people for beating them with "inferior" units, or discredit their wins because you "handicapped" yourself. If you're playing just to better your game, more power to you. :)

  4. I was mostly trying to see if I were winning the game and not so much the army. I had just read a lot of negative talk about mech armies at the time and felt a little self concious of my own army. I'd been toying with the idea of a "not-so-good" list for a while before anyway.
    I would have chosen support batteries and hawks, but I don't own any. :( I've always loved Dark Reapers and was happy to get to field them again. Putting the Autarch in there was something I'd wanted to try anyway!