Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Terrain - Terra's Virtuous Wrath Ep. II

Well she's coming right along!
I'm still not excited about the Defense Laser itself. From looking at a lot of other folks' constructs they have a much smaller barrel, so I think I'll try and taper it down a bit. I'm also not settled on the pipe placement, I think I'm going to back the longer section up a bit. Everything else I'm quite pleased with, especially my angled tower pieces. I have a few more larger parts to fasten down and then we can start working on the details. Doors and windows please? :)
I'm wondering why the Apoc entry doesn't list a troop capacity. I'd think something this size would double as a bunker or bastion. I imagine the fluffy answer would be 'power gubbins' or some such. I'm currently debating leaving the flat area (behind Mr. Dire Avenger) open. I have one particular Falcon pilot who likes to perform daring rooftop deployments.
I went shopping today, first time in months. I missed getting a paycheck. I digress. I found an X-acto circle cutter for $7. Thought that was pretty nifty and wish I'd found it before starting this project. I'd almost decided not to get it for that reason, but I plan on doing some Eldar terrain after this, so that tipped me towards it. It's also a handy tool to have. I didn't see any replacement blades for it, and that was a concern, but it does appear to accept standard blades, but at the cost of accurate measurement. It also is limited to 6" circles maximum, but the smaller circles are the harder to cut.

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