Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Today was nice and lazy, no big battles, no hurries. There were only 4 of us at our host's house today including our lovely host, so kind of him to have us over since our game store is gone. We'll call him Devin. We sat around and geeked out and just enjoyed one anothers' company. I love this. The three of us that don't live there, D and N and myself had all shown up a little bit late and no one really wanted to commit to a large scale battle that would take us into early evening. The discussion of Kill team came up and with it of course Devin's nigh-unstoppable Tau team. N is constantly trying to come up with ways to beat it. I gave up after the wraithguard embarrassment. However a 4 way battle was joined. N proxied 9 warp spiders; D chose 5 thunder hammer/storm shield terminators; I brought 3 vypers, 2 with starcannon and one shuriken cannon and Devin brought 3 crisis suits with missles and plasma.

We each started on a corner of a 4'x4' board. I had first turn. I was also first out of the battle. I managed to kill one spider, starcannons bounced off that accursed 3+ invuln of the termies. N split his forces, but in trying to stay in cover to hide from those tau plasma, he killed several of his own guys. He did manage to wound one of the crisis suits though. He killed the shuriken vyper, the other lost it's starcannon and headed away, flat out, the remaining vyper took up a position placing him between it and the terminators (who had lost one to plasma fire) but they teleported around and blew that vyper up, but it took 2 of them with it in the ensuing explosion. Having nothing else on that side of the board D turned his terminators towards the Tau. N's remaining spider took a risky jump into cover, failed to hurt it, and then rolled very poorly for assault range failing it. The crisis suit promptly cut him down for his error, but not before one of the other crisis suits immobilized my remaining wounded vyper, and since I'd gone flat out, that was upgraded to 'wrecked'. The terminators slowly advanced on the Tau position, but of course crisis suits being much more maneuverable, made short work out of the poor terminators.
Work on the Defense Laser has slowed a bit, mostly due to my being distracted by other things and wanting to add too much 'cool' to it. I am nearly ready to basecoat it though. I now have the wood to put it on, just need to get it cut first. I also have a project to do after, making walls for the apoc game, but the bases are cut already, so that should make things easy, and I have rethought how to make them a little faster. I've had to push my battle date back by a week, so I've got a little breathing room.
I've been weighing on how to establish objectives for the Apoc battle. Apocalypse or Planetstrike. I think however I've decided to make my own army-based objectives. Each side will have specific tasks to accomplish that will be secret from one another. I'm hoping that I can do this in a balanced way that doesn't leave too many holes.

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