Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terrain - Walls!

So these were pretty easy to make with the right tools. All that's left to do on them is find some of the macreme mesh for the top of the 4th wall , add some braces to the underside of the platforms atop the walls, slather them with a watered down glue and then paint :D I must apologize for the poor lighting, it's the only spot in my work area that isn't a nightmare of a mess.

I've had the styrofoam for ages, but couldn't find my foam cutter. So I made one. I found a power supply from an old speaker set or something, and my hair dryer that had a switch burn out in. Strung the element from the hair dryer across a coping saw, attatch the power supply and presto! that thing is a million times better than my old battery op one.

I made the walls in 12" sections, 4 complete walls, one gate section with removable gate, and a destroyed section. I was wanting a second breach section but didn't have the base for it. Hopefully the attackers in my Apoc game won't be so keen on blowing up more than one section of wall. :)

The defense laser is now on a base, but I don't have a photo yet. It also needs a smattering of glue and then it's painting time. I probably should add rivets to it and the walls to give them more flavor.
Next on my list is to build some craters. There will be firestorming and orbital bombardment fun! I've got several bases for these and will be using Model Magic to sculpt them since it's lightweight and so easy to work with. It's the same stuff I made my Mycetic spores from. I found a neat way to cut multiple circles when using the jigsaw. Draw them in a line, then cut out the entire line at once. You can then make 'V' shaped cuts and once that's done just cut them apart. Thusly:

More photos will come as I complete items. I may build another few buildings custom fit for some monstrous creatures to hide in if I have time, and I'm thinking that the defense laser might just need a 'ruined' version as well, but that may be too daunting a task for my upcoming week.


  1. Love the wall they look amazing, and that you made your own cutter great idea! Now were did the wife put her hair drier??

  2. Thank you! I'm very pleased with how they came out. Being a pack rat has advantages sometimes.

    Seeing as how i actually mourned the loss of my hair dryer, I would be very careful when touching the wife's. ;)