Monday, August 16, 2010

Tis but a Monday

I just realized that it was Monday and I hadn't yet blogged. I've been trying to stick to a schedule here. One Sunday evening/Monday morning (since Sunday is game day) and one in the middle of the week. Sunday usually will be a battle report and mid-week an update on projects. Usually.

I've been so busy trying to get ready for this Apoc game I didn't even get a game in yesterday. I also managed to leave my camera at home again, so no photos of the board. I spent the day setting up the Apocalypse board, painting a few more ruins and making a list of things that are left to do. Still have some walls and ruins that need finishing. Some genestealer hybrids to paint and I think I'm going to have 2 more bases of trees before I'm done.

I have lots and lots of fun planned for this game. Each side has differing objectives. While most are similar, some are confrontational, while a couple are fairly unique. All the players from the campaign have little tweaks to their armies, such as skills gained from the experience table. That infiltrating carnifex was pretty scary while it was alive, and there's a certain relentless scout unit still around. There are some fun character items that I've thrown in as well, and an NPC that I've enjoyed creating. I can't put too much here just yet, since there are players that follow this blog, but I will reveal more closer to the game. Here is the writeup for the NPC;
Xylar ne’Ivis is a human trader known for his dealings with the Dark Eldar. He regularly raids human and Eldar passenger vessels and trades the captives for Dark Eldar tech. He has even accompanied the fallen ones in their raidings. Why he has not become a slave himself is a mystery. Perhaps his freedom better suits them for the slaves he supplies. Despite several attempts by Eldar and the Inquisition both, he seems to always be able to evade capture. Whether by his unscrupulous and ‘nothing is sacred’ attitude towards life or just sheer luck he has managed to stay just a step ahead of all pursuit. It is also rumoured that he is a psyker of some power.

Xylar has recently been seen at the vanguard of a genestealer cult on Vardash III. Is it possible that the Tyranids have succeeded in unwittingly capturing this notorious criminal where the Eldar and Imperium have not?


  1. We did something like this in our last Apoc game, and it certainly took the game to next level. I'm anxious to see what twists and turns you've thrown in, and hopefully you'll share with us the special rules and objectives you've included so we can steal them for use in our games as well. :)

    Nifty blog you've got here...

  2. That cat does get a cover save, even as a monstrous creature it is over 50% covered by the terrain.

  3. He sure can! Dr Jones is a pretty clever little guy, except in understanding that the refrigerator is not a sutible hiding place for kitties.

    @Warhammer39999: Thanks!! You are most welcome to swipe whatever you like. I'll likely be posting the full rules for Xylar and the objectives Sunday when the game begins.

    We were going to stream the game live, but poor Devin's house was hit by lightning! He said it even got his webcam!

  4. Cam is back in operation.