Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't get excited!

A little more than 24 hours left before the siege begins and though I'm behind schedule, I feel confident I can get things done. I have 3 manufactorum ruins left to paint, but those should be fairly easy. I've already done the gravelly bits on the base, so it's just drybrushing the walls, minor detailing, done. The PDF force's Valkyrie is nearly done. It just needs a few minutes of work- landing gear, weapons. They might very will be flying open cockpit, but I believe the weather will be nice for it.

The big obstacle right now is the Doomsday machine. I've got very little idea on how to build one. The Chaos Lord that's directing the planetary defense reportedly has one on the planet and he's bringing some sort of "Warp Bomb" to plug into it. What on earth will THAT do? Not good things, that's the answer. This little farseer suspects that he's not going to be thrilled about the Tau shooting him out of the sky either. Especially since he was at my house yesterday speaking of his mad plans. But I digress. I need to figure something out quick. It's likely to be economy sized too, since I'm running a bit low on foamcore at this point.

In discussing the nefarious Bubonicus' plans, I came across something that I must simply build. The Silver Towers of Tzeentch. OMG the possibilities! OMG the firepower!! This might have me digging out my Emporer's Children for the next Apocalypse battle just for the excuse of building this thing. And I had plans for Eldar terrain too. Now I know that Huron is there with his group of miscreants, just waiting for me in storage. They'll ambush me the next time I get near them and force me to assemble and paint them. Oh! what to do??

I'm such a slave to my craft.

My paycheck arrived in my bank last night, and I have plans for it. Paying bills might be involved. However and email arrived last night as well. Torrid is having a 50% off their clearance sale. OMG! It's like they smelled my money! Oh what to do?!?

I'm a slave to red tags as well.

I painted the pilots of the Valkyrie in the macharite red/codex grey I previously mentioned. They didn't look quite as good as the hybrid did. Possibly because of the trim work on his outfit. I may still try a guardsman to see how it looks. I mean 3am speedpainting that cockpit isn't exactly a fair judge of a scheme. I was also trying to figure out where to put magnets too, so yeah, not exactly the best time to consider schemes. This was a fun kit to put together, and save for the third instruction page which references a part that does NOT EXIST on the sprue, it was a fairly easy one to build.

Now I just need to get ahold of a Nightwing to shoot it down.


  1. What are you trying to magnetize on the valkyrie? I may be able to help or have an option I already tried.
    Also come to think of it I remember not being able to find a part while putting it together, I put that down as old age setting in.

  2. @Alaska - Thanks!!

    @Judd - I magnetized the weapons options and the nose cone. The nose was very difficult, but I got it. I'll show why in a later post. I think the instructions for a pre-release design and never updated.